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Today it is difficult to publish information on the Internet without leaving a trace. With social networks, it is clear: they want to become attached to the default user name. But even pick up an anonymous blog on free hosting like WordPress.com or Tumblr, – a non-trivial task. There is always the option with the site on the Tor, but this website will be invisible to most people.

Almost all hosting providers are trying to get the identity of the user, even if its an e-mail address and often a credit card number. You can find workarounds, for example, pay for hosting with Bitcoins, or open a disposable email address.

Super Dimension Fortress

Almost the only service that specifically focuses on a fully anonymous publishing remains Super Dimension Fortress (SDF). This service allows you to register anonymously by ssh (via Tor), and provides identification of letters on paper mail.

For example, you register a username user666 through anonymizing Tor.

$ Ssh-o ProxyCommand = “nc-X 4-x localhost: 9050% h% p” sdf.org

In confirmation of registration, or simply send Bitcoins paper dollar in the mail without specifying a return address. In the case of the paper by mail in 1-2 weeks you get confirmation of the account – and you get hosting while maintaining anonymity.

SDF traces its history from the distant 1987, when it was founded BBS-station with the same name. It was originally BBS-station, created by hackers for hackers. Such it still remains.

One user SDF under the name voidnull so confident about the reliability of an anonymous platform for hosting, yesterday offered a reward of $10 for anyone who can deanonimize it, that is just to send a postcard to his home address with the words “I see you, voidnull”.

UPD. May 2 reward increased to $100.