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Internet standard that provides on-line privacy, to be released in the middle of next year. Meanwhile, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) with the manufacturers of the major browsers released draft of the mechanism of “Do Not Track” (DNT).

Google, Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft discussed with private companies and government inspectors question of what standard should be adopted.

But the process of matching companies what mechanism should allow the developers of browsers and social networks to get the greatest benefit in both commercial and non-profit (providing the necessary level of privacy) plan, is, to speak mildly, problematic.

Add to this fact and even then, that the three most popular browsers – Mozilla, Microsoft and Google – are offering their own technology Do Not Track.

Mozilla added DNT http-header in Firefox, allowing users to decide for themselves whether they want or do not want advertisers have followed them. Google released the expansion of Chrome, which allows the user to refuse cookies from tracking different advertising networks, including the 15 most famous.Microsoft also took a step in that direction – the company has developed a method called Tracking Protection Lists, trusting only the built-in list of domains that monitor the behavior of the user in the network by means of advertising techniques. These lists have included a variety of third-party companies, so users can choose among them what is necessary. This method has been adopted even by the W3C in late 2010, immediately after the release of Internet Explorer 9. In February, rather slyly added headers Do Not Track (Mozilla) in its proposal Tracking Protection.

In September, the leaders reaffirmed the W3C, which offers Microsoft and Mozilla will be the foundation for teamwork.

And most recently published the first draft of the new mechanism, which was edited by analyst Heather West Google, Google developer Sean Harvey and two members of the Center of Democracy and Technology.

Obviously, at this stage, all organizations are working together. But how long will it last and what will function Do Not Track is not yet clear.