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Representatives of Sophos commented favorably on the idea of ??a new security functionality from Apple, but criticized its implementation.

Representatives for Sophos said that the new functional protection, developed by Apple and integrated into the new version of Mac OS X – Gatekeeper – «leaves much to be desired.”

Recall that the January 16th Apple announced the release of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper functionality which is described as “revolutionary” supplement safety. Community Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be able to download applications from sources such – or just a Mac App Store, or with the Mac App Store and sources that are signed by trusted developers.

Senior security consultant at Sophos Chester Wisniewski (Chester Wisniewski), said: “As for me, it’s a good idea, but its implementation has its drawbacks. The first problem is that Apple relies on technology Lsquarantine, which was used in the previously known anti-virus program XProtec ».

Wisniewski said that Apple’s new solution will reduce the risk to users who rely only on the App Store, but will not solve the problem with the traditional Trojan programs, which the Mac OS X has faced in the past. Wisniewski said that if hackers find a way to circumvent the protection of new features, it will come across them in a more thoughtful and modern malware.

Lsquarantine, which asks the user what action to carry loaded from Internet files will only work with built-in programs such as web-browsers. Files from sources such as disk drives, CD-ROMs, local area network, as well as some web-sites, for example, Bittorrent will not be checked Gatekeeper.

Wisniewski said: “Signature Gatekeeper code applies only to executable files, that is, all the files that are not Trojan horse, for example, a malicious PDF, Flash, scripts and Java, will still be able to run without the help of functional protection.”

Another argument that Sophos is a human factor. Users can easily ignore the blocking of anti-virus software and install everything in its sole discretion.

“I think that Apple is on the right track, if they decide to implement a new feature more thought out. I put them 5 for what they want to achieve, and 2 – for the implementation. ”

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