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Publication Wired.com reports that the U.S. government of New Hampshire has arrested four hackers, who came to the United States from Romania. Four of criminals accused of attacks on visitors credit-cards, about two hundred American retailers. According to the Court of New Hampshire, detained young men have been able with the help of technical means and their own skills to gain unauthorized remote access to the POS-terminals in 150 eateries Subway in the U.S. and about 50 outlets, whose names are not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. According to the police detained by Romanian citizens from 23 to 27 years, their names and passport details have been installed and all of them are now charged with the theft of money from about 80 000 bank cards. Now all four are accused of fraud, illegal access to information and identity theft. According to Wired, young people with special software scanned the wireless local area network of shops and cafes, trying to find them working in the POS-terminals and invade their payment processing systems . According to the court, the young men were active with bank cards from 2008 to May 2011. Total Romanian hackers gained access to more than 200 POS-terminals.