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When Matthew (Matthew Keys) a couple of years ago Anonymous hackers leaked passwords from accounts of his former employer, he hardly thought it would end in criminal charges.

Despite the fact that Matthew thought, the U.S. Justice Department accused him on three counts, including conspiracy to transfer information to hackers.


26-year-old Keys is the Deputy Editor for social media in Reuters news agency, but he had previously worked at the Tribune Company, which owns the newspaper Los Angeles Times. The guy gave hackers Anonymous confidential data to crack and they later got into the system and changed the text in one of the articles on the website LA Times. Matt made it to the forum on the Internet, which recognizes that an employee of Tribune Company and boldly said hackers login and password from the server of the company. According to judges, the guy on top, and even spurred to action of intruders.

A hearing on the case will be held on April 12. He faces a prison term of 10 years and a decent penalty.