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Security researchers discovered the virus penetrated the Macy’s buyout in order to illegally create digital currency Bitcoin.

Trojan DevilRobber.A can be found on the portal The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent trackers, where he was introduced to the graphics editor Graphic Converter for Mac OS X, written in his blog, the researchers Sophos. Like the previous virus that attacked Windows, new malware has used the video card and CPU to implement mathematical operations required to generate a new digital currency.

As noted in my own blog, researchers Intego, creating Bitcoin – one of the many functions vested in the recently discovered trojan.

“It’s difficult enough virus that can perform many operations,” – they wrote. “It is a combination of several types of viruses and Trojans is because it is hidden inside other applications, this backdoor, as it opens the ports should be teams that come from controlling servers and it stiler because stealing data and Virtual money Bitcoin; this spyware – it sends your personal information to remote servers. ”

Among other things, DevilRobber.A on the infected computer and searches Bitcoin-purses. And if any are found, the virus steals the digital money. It also steals passwords, browsing history browsers Safari, as well as data Vidalia, plug Firefox, which is used for communicating via anonymous service TOR.

So far DevilRobber.A was found on a relatively small number of computers. But this is only part of the impending wave of complex viruses that target Mac users. Over the last month has been found at least two other OS X Trojan, including Tsunami, the successor to the previously known backdoor Kaiten (infecting Linux), and Flashback, which has recently been updated to the process of analysis by scientists has become more difficult.