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Analyzing incidents in 2012, researchers have concluded that the main problem of mobile security is excessively large number of conflicting platforms.


Experts from the field of information security from the international organization CIO Council conducted a large-scale analysis of mobile threats identified in 2012.

According to experts, the biggest security problem in the past year has been an excessive number of competing platforms, as well as continuously increasing pace of updating product lines as well as the producers of mobile devices.

Researchers also noted that in order to ensure adequate protection, data is often limited to the capacity of the devices themselves, as the developers did not pay enough attention to the development of reliable systems of data encryption and user authentication. This trend, coupled with the fact that the penetration of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise is not accompanied by safety standards, it faces a significant increase in the number of different incidents.

In addition, an important factor is the inability and unwillingness of users to use strong passwords and encrypt sensitive information. In this connection, the CIO Council stresses that in 2013 number of thefts is expected to increase and volumes of data loss by individuals.