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According to experts, the latest version of Java 7 and Java 6 are vulnerable to malicious attacks.

New exploit, previously unknown vulnerability, as well as gaps in the older versions of Java is widely used by hackers, say researchers from antivirus company FireEye.

Java exploit

“We recorded successful exploitation of vulnerabilities in Java 6 Update 41 and Java 7 Update 15, a pre- web-browser “, – said in the blog of employee of FireEye Derient Kayndland (Darien Kindlund).

Researchers analyzed incidents malware used by attackers to install tool McRAT, designed to provide remote access to the system. This virus is usually used in targeted attacks, but did not specify FireEye, which has become the target of hackers.

As follows from the screen shot with the traffic analysis, the exploit is downloaded from Japanese web-site in a format «. Jpg», which is probably intended to distract attention.

Java exploit