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Hackers hacked the POS-terminals of Restaurant Depot network and gained access to credit card database of its customers.

Restaurant Depot hacked

Hackers again broke into the POS-terminals in New York wholesale trade network Restaurant Depot. Attackers managed to steal data of debit and credit cards of customers, which were stored in the payment processing system.

The company found the vulnerability in the security system on December 4 this year, when several of heir clients are facing credit card fraud after using them in their shops. As a result, the trade network has asked the company Trustwave, specializing in information security, to look into the matter. During the study, experts found that the first invasion took place on November 7, 2012. Now researchers are clarifying details and will continue to investigate.

Trading network informed all banks, customer accounts that were hacked and provided information on the potentially compromised credentials about the incident.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Restaurant Depot has had a security violation. In 2011, Russian hackers broke into the company database and gained access to data of more than 200,000 of its customers.