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Development Team 10 Internet Explorer continues to acquaint the public with the new browser. This time they talked about improvements in the security system , including the SmartScreen Filter , XSS Filter and HTML5-sandbox .

The main improvement in IE10 – Mode Enhanced Protected Mode, which is to reliably isolate potentially malicious code from the surrounding system environment.

Some elements of the sandbox familiar with previous versions of the browser. For example, memory protection appeared in IE9, but IE10 is significantly improved, introduced new techniques such as ForceASLR and High Entropy ASLR (HEASLR).

The mechanism of Protected Mode has been implemented in IE7. It is a system that closes the browser to certain parts of the operating system, for example, changing system settings, or save files in the folder Documents. The concept postulates that at the same time restricting the powers of the browser are limited and the possibility of potentially malicious code. The new IE10 uses the same concept, but with even more stricter rules.

Naturally, the developers do not reveal all the secrets, but the mention of several new fichah. For example, the Enhanced Protected Mode sandbox processes used intermediary ( Broker Processes ), which give Internet Explorer a temporary access to the system only in exceptional cases. For example, read access to files temporarily opened only when a user launches a dialog box to open the file.

Temporary provision of additional human browser automatically and the user does not see any additional dialog boxes.

In Metro-style browser IE10 will default to run with the included Enhanced Protected Mode. By the way, this style of IE10 will work without plug-ins, that is the maximum safe mode.

In the style of desktop Enhanced Protected Mode is disabled by default due to the fact that it is not yet compatible with many browser extensions and plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, but the Enhanced Protected Mode can always be turned on manually by going to settings. After this, incompatible plug-ins are automatically deactivated.

If while surfing the site will fall, which, for example, necessarily requires the flash, you can disable the Enhanced Protected Mode for this particular site.