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Mozilla recommends that Firefox users disable the plug-in McAfee, which your browser provider of open source blamed the large number of failures.

ON ScriptScan from McAfee calls “the problem with the stability or security,” said Firefox. Software users are faced with a message indicating that the plug was “blocked for your safety.”

“Users are strongly recommended to disable the problematic add or plug-in, but they can continue to use it, if they accept the risks described,” – said in the notice.

“When Mozilla know about the options, plug-ins or other third-party software, which seriously undermines the security, stability or performance of Firefox, but also meets certain criteria, the company can lock software for general use. For more information, please read this article support “, – reads the notice.

ScriptScan is a component that comes with the software McAfee VirusScan. Technology is designed to scan Web sites for malicious code. Unfortunately, ScriptScan hardly compatible with Firefox. Version 14.4.0 and earlier are reported to lead to the failure of all versions of Firefox, even the latest release 7.x.

The problem has generated many comments on forums Support McAfee. Reportedly, the Security Division of Intel is working with Mozilla to develop a fix. In the meantime, users are faced with a choice: either leave ScriptScan; or rely on McAfee SiteAdvisor or other tools to warn of bad sites, or move to a different browser. The problem seems limited to Firefox.