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A group of hackers called Teamp0ison, seems to have cracked one or more servers and the UN has posted more than a thousand e-mail messages, usernames and passwords belonging to employees of the organization on pastebin .

It is still unknown how the server was hacked, but judging by the prevalence [email protected] and the fact that the set of login credentials, it seems, belonged to the administrator (whose address also ends [email protected]), it is probably server was United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“Observing the many atrocities – from Rwanda to Darfur, inaction in Yugoslavia, the establishment of Israel and the genocide of the Palestinian people have turned the UN into an animal, you want to stop or tame,” – said the group, pointing to the cause of the attack.

If the data is really laid back which came with the server if they are true and accurate, it seems, they were not encrypted, and passwords do not conform to the requirements of minimum length, which can not be expected from the organization level of the UN.