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The new version of one of the best MiTM HTTP-proxy with support for SSL, having a console interface and allows you to check and edit the traffic flow “on the fly”, and save them for later analysis. According to the words of the program’s Aldo Cortes (Aldo Cortesi), this major release, with numerous improvements in all modules.Previous version MitmProxy 0.8 dated April 2012, that is working on a new version took more than a year.

The new version MitmProxy 0.9 faster, more stable and works in some clever combinations that were previously not allowed. The mode of full transparency for Linux and OS X. Deciphering the traffic was much better with the recognition of new protocols, such as AMF and Protocol Buffers . Implemented a special container WSGI, which allows web applications to place inside a proxy. It’s only the most important points of a large list of changes .


MitmProxy program is great for the interception of another traffic to eavesdropping or spoofing. One simple example: it can be used to record and modify traffic between the Android-based smartphone and servers Google, for example, for falsification of information about traffic jams when Google Navigation.

To work with SSL-traffic the recommended programs are Echo Mirage and PaiMei .