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Antivirus, McAfee today announced the release of the software Mobile Security 2.0, allowing users to better Android-track their applications on smartphones and tablets, as well as to more effectively monitor and protect their data. As McAfee says that today’s weakest link is its Android open and loyal policy placement programs in the Android Market, this is often used by hackers and Mobile Security can solve these problems, relying on modern anti-virus and anti-malware platform. The new product the company has added application App Alert, which provides information about which applications to any user data, and apply that are a result of their requests.

App Alert specifically warns the user asks whether downloaded to your phone or tablet application any user’s personal data and warns the last of it. In the next update will also receive App Alert function to verify the application on the basis of reputation analysis technology. Also in the new version of the product has been added to filter calls and SMS, so users can block unwanted calls and sending messages to prevent the secret to the premium SMS-number.

The base functionality of the product was the same: removal of malicious code from the core set of files from memory cards, from applications, Internet downloads and applications for letters. In addition, there are several functions for users in case of loss of the device, such as blocking all data, including those that are stored on the SIM-card and the output contacts of the owner, the finder can return to the device. It is also possible remotely wiping data beyond recovery. Separately, the company notes that the second version is a tool for locating a lost smartphone on the map via GPS-coordinates. The cost of a new product is $ 30 per year, but users with current subscription can deliver new product free of charge.