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The project team is Linux Mint released a new version of their free Linux-assembly, whose popularity has grown in recent years that enabled it to circumvent the recent favorite of Linux enthusiasts Ubuntu.

Linux Mint 12, code-named Lisa, boasts a new desktop based on Gnome 3, but with some additions that allow him to work in a traditional desktop mode. In addition, it comes with a fork a shell of the old Gnome 2, adapted to be compatible with Gnome 3.

Other improvements include an updated look with two new themes and new artwork. The new version can be downloaded from the website Linux Mint .

Linux Mint has recently hit the headlines after reports that the number of users who downloaded the software, is growing very rapidly during the year, according to data published on the website Linux DistroWatch.

Many experts in the industry attribute this to the fact that Ubuntu has recently introduced a new user interface, Unity , which replaced the popular Gnome and KDE, and punctuated with new form factors , such as tablet computers, rather than traditional desktop PCs.

One way or another, but in Gnome go the same way with Gnome 3, declining team to develop Linux Mint Mint Gnome Shell Extensions (MGSE) for Linux Mint 12, offering a familiar desktop with the applications menu, a list of windows and icons used for Trey at the time applications.

“Desktop Linux Mint 12 is a mix of old and new. This is a completely new desktop, but with traditional ingredients. New technologies Gnome 3 captures, but the components have been added MGSE, allow users to feel at home” – explains the team on its Web site.

Linux Mint is actually partially based on Ubuntu, and includes Ubuntu 11.10, Linux 3.0 and Gnome 3.2, as components of the code.

Like Ubuntu, Linux Mint releases updates at regular intervals, but, in addition to these updates, are available long-term releases, which are valid for three years.

Linux Mint is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for x86-based systems and has a relatively modest system requirements: 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 5 GB of disk space and graphics card capable of supporting a minimum resolution of 800 × 600 pixels.