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Company VISA and MasterCard warned banks about the incident in a U.S. processing centers, resulting in possible leakage of up to 10 million cards. Banks are sent numbers of compromised cards for the analysis of transactions on them, which will identify the source of the attack and, possibly, the identity of attackers. According to these maps will be made ??more antifrodovye action and is likely to be carried out to re-issue cards. The first information about the leak , Brian Krebs published on Friday, after which the information was officially confirmed VISA and MasterCard.

Reportedly, the leak occurred between January 21 and February 25, got into the wrong hands full dumps of about 50 thousand cards, including the track 1 and track 2, which makes it easy to clone the card.

According to rumors, the cards were copied into a taxi and parking machines in New York. They say this is the work of Dominican gangs. So if you used a credit card in the cab or in the parking lot of New York in the last couple of months – map could easily be copied.

There are also unofficial information that the leak could potentially affect up to 10 million cards, sources in the financial institutions that received information from VISA and MasterCard, called the leak a “very large” .

Name of compromised processing center is not informed. Informed sources suggest that this may be a company Global Payments Inc. from Atlanta. The market confirms the rumors: on Friday the company’s shares have collapsed by 9% , before trading in them have been forcibly stopped.

The company Global Payments processed over the last year of payments on the 167.3 billion dollars, it specializes in serving small businesses and small shops. On Monday, the company Global Payments promised to convene a press conference and provide more detailed information about the incident.