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Stuxnet delivered a double agent working for Israel, using a specially modified flash drive.

According to the report publication ISSSource, devoted to issues of security and defense businesses, U.S. and Israeli intelligence services were involved in the epidemic worm Stuxnet, has caused great damage to Iran’s nuclear program. Thus, according to ISSSource, a malicious program into servers and workstations of Natanz delivered a double agent who worked for Israel, using a specially modified flash drive.

Due to its destructive action, Stuxnet worm was one of the first examples of cyber-weapons, which caused severe damage to the industrial facility. In the summer of 2010 brought down the worm centrifuge for uranium enrichment at the Natanz plant in the city. According to anonymous sources ISSSource, including current and retired employees of the U.S. intelligence agencies, direct delivery of the virus to their destination, namely, servers and workstations, where she worked-machine control system Simatic WinCC Step7 from Siemens, could be carried out only by specially trained agents. In addition, it is assumed that a double agent could belong to the Iranian dissident group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (IIR).

Once the virus was introduced into the computer network of the plant, had only to wait until he hurts his blow. Recall that in the code of the virus have been found irrefutable proof that he had just set out to damage the German controllers centrifuges. Other controllers were not affected.

Nevertheless, representatives of ISSSource sure that the use of Stuxnet is not the first actual use of cyber weapons. The report notes that as early as the 1980s, American military equipment to the virus inserted the military-industrial structure of the USSR, which were activated in the event of war, either automatically or on command from the United States. A similar process occurs with respect to China.

In December 1991, before the start of the operation “Desert Storm” by representatives of the CIA and the British Government Communications Headquarters (BGCH – British Government Communication Headquarters) introduced hardware “bugs” with the virus directly into the equipment that was delivered smuggled into Baghdad. The operation was carried out regular reconnaissance by the CIA in Jordan on the border with Iraq. Then these “bugs” have not been able to use. U.S. bombers destroyed a network monitoring and control, where the equipment was delivered, before the virus had spread.

Report by ISSSource can be found here.