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Experts began the development of an operating system to become less dependent on foreign operating systems.

Staff members of DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organization began to develop their own operating system to create a safer working environment in cyberspace.


As of now India is largely dependent on foreign operating systems, including Windows and various distributions of Linux. According to  the director of DRDO VK Saraswat, they can contain viruses and worms that exploit the vulnerability of the systems. That is why he believes that the country needs to create its own independent operating system.

Saraswat said that 150 participants from DRDO will be working for  for 18 months to create its own operating system in India, and the completion and release of the platform will take another three years.

For the development of the Indian OS only the government is allocating, as the government has decided not to involve foreign investment. Saraswat also said that security researchers should start to work on a unique operating system for India for the country to become independent in this respect from external sources.

This project was proposed in the framework of a program to strengthen the country’s cyber security. Recall that earlier this week, the Indian government has presented a plan for 5 years, under which there will be a radical reform in the sector cybersecurity. Operations across India will be coordinated and linked with the main critical infrastructure monitoring data in real time and faster response to cyberattacks.