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Trojan steals banking information, e-mail credentials, as well as cookie-files of users who install the supplied Tool Anonymous.

As reported┬áby Symantec, users who have installed on their computers, “low-orbit ion cannon” (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), an additional victims of the Trojan.

The tool allows users to DDoS-attacks, however, that his work was not limited. The built-in tool for Trojan also harvests banking information, e-mail credentials and cookie-files.

Trojan was built into the instrument Anonymous January 20, 2012, the day when the FBI conducted the arrests of employees Megaupload. The portal was replaced Pastebin unknown link to download a low-orbit ion cannon with a link to an infected trojan tool.

Representatives of the hacker movement published in the social network Twitter message read: “Supporters Anonymous forced to install a Trojan Zeus tricked. This should not happen. Be careful when publishing information and passing on the links. “