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Malware and cyber criminals are increasingly focused on specific types of attacks and methods of operation, according to security firm IID.

In its quarterly report on the threats, the company reported that researchers have noticed a trend toward specialization in the space of malicious programs, and many criminals are focused on one particular area of ??expertise for its activities on the black market.

Chapter IID Lars Harvey reported that the malware authors do not only focus on specific sectors of attacks, but also kommoditiziruyut operated by computers, moving to a lower level.

Instead of selling a large number of infected systems for botnets, attackers, according to Harvey, who started selling access to individual kotsennym targets, such as systems with access to government networks or networks of large companies.

In addition, samples of malicious software seen in the “wild” as used in the development of sophisticated, highly specialized attacks. Harvey said infections such as Avalanche, which use fast flux networks to quickly change the infected domains across multiple DNS-address and avoid detection.

“They are experienced, they are targeted, and this complicates the work of employees, providing security,” – said Harvey. “They are specialists (one region), and we are at best experts generalist.”

However, in some areas of community safety is making progress. IID noted that in this quarter, phishing activity has decreased by 8%. At the same time, Harvey pointed out that this may just be fluctuations in the market. He said that efforts to eradicate botnets, such as those that have made Microsoft and Google, helped to undermine the few major malicious operations and serve as a barrier to other criminals.

“This is effective for slowing the botnet, because the bad guys need time to create a large botnet,” – said Harvey. “The adoption of such measures by large companies are very good for the Web economy.”