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Cyberhawks copy “design philosophy” from malicious software, the development of which is sponsored by the state.

Malware virus Stuxnet, which was previously used by various governments for espionage and sabotage, is now applied online scams designed to steal payment data users. It is reported Technologyreview. Judge of “Kaspersky Lab” Roel Shuvenberg (Roel Schouwenberg) stated that “the modern cyber weapons and targeted attack can give an idea of what will become the mainstream in cyberhawks.” Shuvenberg notes that attackers copy “design philosophy” at malware, the development of which is sponsored by the state. For example, Stuxnet installed on compromised systems fake drivers, using digital certificates stolen from two Taiwanese companies. This allowed the virus to remain not remain unnoticed for providing security software. Currently, other malware using fake digital certificates similar way to hide from antivirus programs. Additionally, the expert “Kaspersky Lab” also predicts the emergence of viruses similar to the Flame. Shuvenberg emphasizes that the Flame is endowed with a modular design that allows its operators to upgrade individual parts of the virus, when it is required. The specialist said that this approach would allow fraudsters to make more money. First they sell malware, and then the components needed to be updated.