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?alovski was supposed to go to trial in the U.S., but the ECHR ruled not to extradite him to another state.

In Lugansk, in September of this year, were arrested hackers, carders. With the aid of a simple device they produced duplicate cards and thus removed the large sums of money that were stored in their accounts citizens of foreign countries.


The special operation to detain the scam that turned out, were members of an international crime group specializing in karderstve was held in the regional capital of the twentieth of September. Fraudsters arrested “on hot” in his own office. During a search of the office found numerous equipment. Among them there were computers equipped with special software. Law enforcement officers also found in computers confidential information of clients of foreign banks. In addition, the office equipment was to produce counterfeit cards. Law enforcement officers also seized and are made duplicate cards that fraudsters prepared to withdraw money from the accounts.

Law enforcement officers found that the carders unauthorized entry into the automated banking system. Thus there was obtained the desired information. Made duplicate cards give them access to a customer’s bank account. After the transaction was carried out, the money came from foreign accounts to an account in Lugansk, controlled by hackers.

SBU have documented two episodes of such criminal activity. Losses that have caused carders customers of foreign banks amounted to eight thousand hryvnia. At this point, investigators establish how many actually suffered from the actions of these people scam. They managed to establish that the criminal gang had accomplices hackers abroad, and had a pretty ramified ties. Therefore, to identify all persons involved in the fraud SBU plan to collaborate with the secret services of other countries.