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According to the company report, the attackers are trying to create a clear structure for the organization of cybercriminals.

Fortinet introduced the report «Fortinet 2013 Cybercrime Report», which focuses on the transition to a new level of cybercriminals. Thus, attackers use a business model «Crime-as-a-Service» («The crime as a service”) to provide unique services.

The report describes the stages of malware – from planning until the criminals’ profits.


For example, attackers create web-sites (many in Russia), with which you can distribute a particular malware. sites are divided into two types: access to one opens only when invited by current subscriber access to the other opens immediately. Most of these web-sites prohibit spam, which, according to experts, is to legally protect the created sites.

Often on sites hosted almost all the information needed for further spread of viruses.

Attackers also offer software to steal these accounts to access e-mail addresses, social networking and online banking. To infect a computer are often used infected PDF-files and false centers optimization of a service.

Fortinet researchers published in the report information on the services provided under the «Crime-as-a-Service». Thus, advice on setting up a botnet is $350-400, and thousands of machines infected with malware – about $100, conducting DDoS attacks for five hours a day for a week – $535, the output illegally obtained funds – 25% of the amount.