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Registered on dating sites scammers get money from their victims.

Russian company “Doctor Web” warned users about a new form of fraud that has become particularly popular at the end of last year. Become victims of malicious single women registered on sites dating.


According to experts at ‘Doctor Web’ the fraud is as follows: the culprit registered on dating sites, then choose a potential victim, followed by a “romantic” correspondence. Fraudster is usually an immigrant or a foreigner with Russian roots, which explains his knowledge of Russian.

After some time, winning the confidence of the victim, the attacker asks the “bride” of his intention to give her a valuable thing (tablet, smartphone, jewelry), but because the gift is expensive, does not risk hire the services of regular mail and is going to contact the courier service . Then the scammer sends the victim a link to a web-site for “courier mail” where it needs to register.

After successful authentication, the woman gets access to the so-called “personal account”, where it provides the number of posting, the name of the recipient, and even the weight of the parcel. That’s where the victim is faced with a “small” problem – is that the “bride” did not pay for shipping. This amount, which varies from one hundred, ┬áthe unsuspecting victim pays. After the transfer of money, of course the “courier” and “groom” disappear in an unknown direction.

Experts also warn that there is a slightly modified version of this fraud, the offender is an American officer. Attacker says “darling”, he wants to give her an expensive gift by foreign diplomatic mail, nontaxable, or broker for the victim to pay “only” one thousand or two thousand dollars.