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Distributed Denial of Service and the introduction of SQL-code – the main types of attacks are discussed in hacker forums, according to new research conducted by Imperva, providing services for information security.

Illegal discussion forums are an important part in the ecosystem of criminals. They are the place where hackers can sell and exchange information, software tools, exploits, services and other illegal goods.

“Forums are the cornerstone of hacking – they are used by hackers for learning, communication, teamwork, employment, commerce and even social interaction”, – stressed in Imperva .

Researchers analyzed the discussions from the forum HackForums.net for several years. This forum is one of the largest on which registered more than 220 000 users. Their efforts were aimed at determining the most popular targets for attack, identifying business trends and areas that hackers are planning to develop.

As for the popular attacks, the researchers found that DDoS-attacks were mentioned in 22% of the discussions. SQL-injection – this is the second most discussed method of attack, the former topic of discussion in 19% of cases.

Not surprisingly, with a rating of 16% – Spam, the third most popular type of attack, according to content analysis conducted by Imperva. Probably because it’s one of the main techniques for illicit gains.

Exploits a “zero day” is 10% of all attacks on the discussion forum, however, the last Global Report on Information Security Microsoft (SIR-Security Intelligence Report) , argues that this type of exploit is used less than 1% of the real attacks.

Forums are also an important tool for teaching new hackers – Imperva found that a quarter of all the discussions fall under the category for novice hackers. Another 25% of discussions related to hacking tools and programs, and a fifth of the discussion concerns hacking forums and websites.

One of the trends observed by researchers Imperva – the growing popularity of mobile hacking. This trend can be seen in statistics and studies of real attacks of other companies engaged in information security. In particular, the topic of hacking iPhone make up half of all discussions on this topic.

In general, the topics of hacking has increased by 150% over the past four years. “We believe that the increased activity in hacking forums helps to explain this, along with automated hacking, increasing the number of hackers and leads to an increase in the number of attacks,” – concludes Imperva.