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On the fake website Google Play mobile applications offer users infected with malicious code.

Experts from TrendMicro recorded a fake domain name Google Play, which contains malicious mobile applications. Recall that Google Play is the new name of Android Market. malicious link sends the user to a fake Russian site Google Play, which contains the following message: «Google Play is formerly known as the Android Market, but now more extensive and influential old combined with the Android Market Shop Books Google ebookstore, multi-format films and world music Google Music ». Clicking on any of the pictures on the site, users are redirected to a malicious Russian domain, which has questionable applications for devices based on OS Android. It should be noted that all applications are infected with malware ANDROIDOS_SMSBOXER.AB, which signs the user’s mobile device to a premium service without his consent. In order for a malicious program has been difficult to detect intruders put it in a file format APK, which contains the mobile application. More information can be found here.