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Attackers try to force the victim to download a number of malicious applications.

According to the experts from Bitdefender, a social networking site Facebook acquires the mass distribution of a new fraudulent scheme. Victims of attacks, usually downloaded onto your computer, several malicious applications.

The attack begins predictably enough – a user comes to a link to a pornographic video. “The page on which the user enters, contains a message stating that the video, you must install a special plug that includes a few additional elements” – reported in Bitdefender.

“From the name of video that it belongs to a celebrity. Moreover, fraudsters deliberately reported that the antivirus must be disabled for normal viewing. Although most users are aware that this is a risky action, they do so precisely because they were warned, “- experts explain.

After installing a fake Divx plug-in, the victim offered to install a special extension for the video service YouTube. After you install all the open tabs are forwarded to the advertising of “chat for adults.” Further, the victim offered to install add-«7pic Video Premium Player», which also contains malicious code.

“This is an interesting and multi-level type of fraud – analyst Andrew Bitdefender Serbanoy (Andrei Serbanoiu). – In the jargon of information security is classified as a polymorphic attack, which is mainly designed to hinder detection of malicious code.”

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