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The accused is charged with distribution of child pornography.

Residents of Austria, William Weber faces up to 10 years in prison for the production and distribution of child pornography. himself accused claims that he was not involved in the crimes – guilty of all but one of its computers that are running anonymizing Tor.

Weber, in whose house was searched and confiscated all the computer equipment deployed at the output node Tor, allows anonymous users to use the online channel to connect to the Internet. Activists such as he is, there are many around the world, and a number of community organizations, such as Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), often called user to join the movement Tor.

From the point of view of a worldwide movement fighting for the anonymous Internet, William Weber, if he really did not distribute child pornography, the right thing. However, the documentation EFF said : “Statistically it is likely that the output node is used in illegal purposes, which may cause the prosecution by private individuals, as well as claims by the police.”

“If law enforcement agencies are interested in the traffic of your output node, it is likely that your computer will be selected. For this reason, the output node is better to run away from home and do not use it for domestic connection to the Internet “- suggests to EFF.

In his blog, Weber wrote that he had not yet been arrested, but only about 20 confiscated computers, removable hard disk, and a few plates, phone, organizer, Xbox 360 and TV-Receiver.

“I believe in the freedom of information, I run the output nodes to the less privileged people to bypass censorship on the Internet without fear of state persecution,” – said Weber.

Austrian matter is somewhat complicated by the fact that during a search of his home found a small amount of hashish and marijuana, but compared with the accusation of pedophilia, easy drugs – is it the smallest concern.