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Apple has released recommendations for users, dedicated to growing problem with infections of Pseudo-Anti-Mac Defender.

The company has published a document on security issues relating to how to deal with malware, Mac Defender, which uses JavaScript for the introduction create fake anti-virus software on the selected target computer. ON also contributes to the fact that your browser infected computers themselves open porn sites.

Apple forums are full commentary on the problem, but until now company kept mum about the topic.

“In the coming days, Apple will release a software update Mac OS X, which will automatically find and remove malicious software Mac Defender and its known variants, “- the company said.” Upgrading will also help protect users by warning about downloading this malware program.

The publication presents a rare acknowledgment by the fact that it suffers from problems associated with malicious software. The company attacked Microsoft, condemning these issues during a well-known advertising campaign, but security experts have criticized the Mac users, because they are so self-conscious about security.

“This sense of vulnerability begins to pass with the advent of large-scale attacks (Such as represented by fake antivirus Mac Protector) “, – said Charles Kolodgy, vice president for research of security analysis at IDC. “Everything I read says that the treatment applied to such attacks are effective, but I’m sure this is only the first appeared potentially unwanted program and the next one may be more rampant in their deeds. “