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Hackers of the Anonymous movement brought down the site in response to the Interpol for the arrest of members of the group.The report was published about the attack on the night of February 29, Moscow time, in one of the micro- movements.

Edition of Forbes notes that the site of the International Office has undergone DDoS-attack and went offline for 20-30 minutes. However, at the time of this writing, a few hours after the news of the attack, web site was still working with interruptions: about half of the points in different countries, according to the service Host-Tracker , the site remained unavailable.

Was it a result of the action Anonymous stolen any of the information is not reported.

The attack occurred at the site of the Interpol after a few hours after the announcement of the arrest of 25 members of the movement Anonymous. The operation involved police from Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Spain, but their work was coordinated by Interpol. It is believed that those arrested have organized and participated in a cyber-attack on the Chilean and Colombian government sites.

Previously Anonymous has repeatedly attacked the Internet resources of large government agencies and private corporations. So, on February 11 they were able to bring down the site of the Central Intelligence the United States. In December 2011 hackers broke into computer networks of private intelligence company Stratfor. At the end of February 2012 resource WikiLeaks began the analysis and publication of letters stolen from Stratfor.