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The initiators of the alliance were officials of the European Union and the United States.

48 countries have agreed to combine their forces in the fight against the promotion of child pornography. Specifically, the initiatives of concern the distribution of pornographic videos and images on the internet.

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström (Cecilia Malmström) held talks with the Attorney General United States Eric Holder about the creation of the International Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse on the Internet.

Currently available in a network of about one million images of child pornography and every year this number is increasing by 50 thousand

Among the countries that supported the initiative of the United States and the European Union, were Albania, Australia, Croatia, Georgia, Ghana, Japan, Nigeria, Serbia, Thailand, Ukraine, etc.

“International Initiative will strengthen our mutual resources to ensure that we were able to bring more offenders to justice, as well as discover more children who are victims of sexual violence, and to make sure that they get our help and support – said Eric Holder.

According to U.S. Attorney General, the international alliance will build on the success of previous operations, which interrupted the activities of pedophiles.

Creators Alliance are hoping that they will not only be able to protect children, but also to provide them with more information about what danger awaits them in the network. Try to teach children how to protect themselves during the activity on the Internet.