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PHP-GTK is an extension of PHP to set up in 2001 he Zmievski, allowing you to usePHP to run applications with a user interface display GTK +.

Over time, PHP-GTK has many contributors who helped make it work with GTK + 2and get it to work with PHP 5 under Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and so on.

GTK + version 3 was released officially in the year 2011. Despite work began earlier, version 3.2, which was released in September last year, introduces two new backends officiallly for ways out GTK + graphics: Wayland and Broadway.

Wayland backend provides an alternative way to make a schedule, providing a direct connection with the underlying hardware graphics. This is a fast way to render graphics than the traditional method used in the Linux system that is based on X Windows. Read below for more detailed information about the X Windows.

Broadway backend can make a graphical application provided in the Web browser that supports HTML 5 elements of the canvas.

The application runs on the side of the web server and starts listening to HTTP requests to this TCP port soket.Veb browser that accesses the Web server receives a page with HTML 5 canvas object.

To run GTK + 3 application and serve it over the Internet is easy. You just need to set the environment variable GDK_BACKEND Broadway before running the application. In the Linux shell may be as simple as typing the command line as follows:


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