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Beginning in October 2011, Oracle introduced a new training requirement for those interested in pursing a very desirable destination architect. Formerly known as Sun Certified Enterprise Architect assignment (SCEA), re-branded Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect expertise will continue to require candidates to complete the multiple choice exams, submit a draft design company full-time and full essay exam in order to get an appointment , but candidates must also take one of the half-dozen current courses offered by Oracle in front of the architect has given credentials.

Oracle seize cash?

Of course, this development was not taken to kindly Community Java, thanks largely to the fact that these courses range in price from $ 700 for self-study tapes, up to $ 3,000 for instructor led training. The general impression is that this money is to take on Oracle, hoping to make some easy money in their education and training division.

Naturally, this was a common fear that a similar education or training requirement will find its way into the old Sun Certified Java Programmer destination (SCJP), or as it was rebranded, Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer (OCPJP) program. Well, Oracle has recently replaced their certification requirements and be assured that there will be no education or training requirement in order to get a new programmer Oracle notation. Here’s the official word from Oracle itself:

“The training is highly recommended, but the candidate conducting OCA and OCP Java SE 7 certifications programmer does not need to complete the training. Oracle University education is one of the best ways to help prepare for the certification exam, and will contribute to your success as a programmer Java. “- Java 7 Certification Questions and Answers
There are no requirements OCPJP learning; not OCAJP training requirement

Thus, the requirements for obtaining a certified Java 7 will remain the same as in previous concerts, that is all you need to do is some intense study, and then successfully completed full-time, multiple-choice exam. However, one small change in the certification process is that OCPJP designation is now required to pass the exam prior to the first: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer exam (OCAJP) or, as it was previously known, Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA) the test.

Thus, while trying not to be burdened OCPJPs $ 3000 demo account, they will have to pay for and pass two exams in total, each of which usually cost around $ 300USD take. In the end, it’s a mixed bag of news. It takes more time and more money to be able to brag about, Oracle Certified Java Professional destination, but at least OCPJP candidates will not be burdened with additional training bill.