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With more than 3 billion and counting devices, Java on mobile devices is experiencing tremendous growth and acceptance in many key markets around the world.

At the same time, the developers insist that build richer and more interesting applications, both from the functional perspective as well as user interface. New cases of the use of mobile commerce, social networking, location-based services, mobile cloud features, and access to the functionality of the network operator are the catalysts for creating and delivering compelling new applications for the largest mobile user base.

Therefore, Oracle is the speed of mobile Java platform with the Oracle Java Wireless Client 3.1 (OJWC). OJWC the industry’s Java ME implementation is aimed at device manufacturers, operators and OEM-manufacturers who want to get to market quickly, with a full-featured, high performance implementation of mobile Java.

This latest 3.1 release provides the following new features:

SIM-extensions Enable remote management of content on mobile phones through a SIM-services
Oracle Mobile API for developers-Allow new use for Java ME applications on mobile phones
Improved content management API-interfaces, facilitating the discovery and deployment of content
Networking APIs-leverage data from the network operator to work smarter Java ME applications, devices with limited resources
Other improvements-Aid integration platform devices
Oracle Java Wireless Client 3,1 will be available on the devices over time, as he rolled out in markets around the world.

For developers, new features, such as Oracle Mobile Developer API, and the Web API, are of particular interest. You can start building applications for the upcoming OJWC 3.1 the next version of Java ME SDK – watch out for this.