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GlassFish open source provides a complete Java EE 6 compliant, free, and server applications with open source. It is also available in the distribution profile of the Internet and can be downloaded from glassfish.org. It is easy to use (e-mail setup and NetBeans / Eclipse / IntelliJ integration), light (load from 30 MB, a small disk / memory), as well as modular (OSGi-based containers started on demand) application server. It also provides high availability clustering and centralized administration using command-line, web-based administration console and REST API.Open source edition is supported by GlassFish forums and other social media channels.

Oracle GlassFish Server is a commercially supported for GlassFish Server distribution.Oracle GlassFish Server Control is a set of features that improve performance by allowing for the automatic backup configuration and application data allows fine-grained monitoring, and allows for a more secure and highly available deployment.Customers also receive a 24 x 7 support throughout the year, priority for bug fixes and patches / fixes for them. Compensation protects you from legal action related to open source software is distributed Oracle. This publication can be downloaded for evaluation from OTN, but requires a license for corporate use. Learn more about how to support and support is provided in the commercial distribution here.

In summary, GlassFish Server Open Source Edition has the following features:

  • Free community-supported application server
  • Full Java EE 6 platform support and Web Profile support
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight; starts in a few seconds
  • Modular and extensible architecture (OSGi)
  • Fastest open source application server (http://spec.org)
  • Clustering and centralized administration
  • Production reliability
  • Available from glassfish.org

Oracle GlassFish Server provide the following additional benefits:

  • Oracle’s commercially supported GlassFish Server distribution
  • Includes Open Source Edition features
  • GlassFish Server Control (pdf)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Oracle Support
  • Priority for bug fixes & feature enhancements
  • Patches, hot fixes
  • Indemnification
  • Available for evaluation via OTN license
  • Requires a license for production use