The new head of Samsung dissatisfied with sales of devices based on Windows

No need to read between the lines to see that some manufacturers (and developers) are not happy with sales of the gadgets on the basis of platforms of Microsoft. Recent comments about the company stated the newly elected CEO of Samsung Electronics (more precisely, one of the three current CEO’s and the second of two(…)

Reuters employee convicted for helping Anonymous

When Matthew (Matthew Keys) a couple of years ago Anonymous hackers leaked passwords from accounts of his former employer, he hardly thought it would end in criminal charges. Despite the fact that Matthew thought, the U.S. Justice Department accused him on three counts, including conspiracy to transfer information to hackers. 26-year-old Keys is the Deputy(…)

Facebook will have hashtags

Apparently, the social network Facebook has decided to adopt from its rival one very interesting feature: hashtags. And yes, it will be stolen from Twitter. this innovation will allow Facebook users to easily index the topic, looking events and news that are of interest to them. Hashtags, in fact, is not only a feature of(…)

Magento – PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded

While installing Magento on XAMPP – I got this petty restriction PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded Simple XAMPP Solution Goto the php directory, in my case C:\xampp\php Then open the php.ini file & find extension=php_curl.dll uncomment that code by removing the ; (semi-colon) Restart your xampp/wamp server You are good to go 🙂 While installing(…)

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S IV in comparison with Galaxy Note III

In anticipation of next week’s announcement of the flagship Android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy S IV , which promises to be one of the highlights of the year in the mobile sector, experts have tried to compare the estimated specification of future innovations to the characteristics of Samsung Galaxy Note III, which was released as to be(…)

Vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy S III can bypass lockout

Just a few days ago it was reported there are serious “holes” in the Samsung Galaxy Note II, to access mobile applications by bypassing the lock gadget that allows for example to run any program or dial any phone number without the authorization of the owner. And now it turns out that a similar problem(…)

Experts: 99% web-applications contain vulnerabilities

According to a new report by Cenzic, existing vulnerabilities in web-applications are a major concern, as they are present in almost 99% of the products. Researchers predict what vulnerabilities most likely be exposed to the victim in the current year. “Ensuring the security level required in modern companies, they should be solved more realistically –(…)

TVs and Blu-Ray Players of Samsung are prone to remote DoS-attack

Independent security researcher Luigi Oriema (Luigi Auriemma) discovered vulnerability allows remote users to conduct DoS-attack on a number of models of Blu-Ray players and TVs of Samsung. According to the expert, the vulnerability exists in current firmware version of televisions manufactured in 2010 and having the option Internet @ TV (LCD Model 650, LED 6500,(…)

Hackers broke into Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, and Java at Pwn2Own

As part of the contest, Pwn2Own participants used a previously unknown vulnerability in Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Windows 8 and Java. Attacks could be made by processing in the browser specially created web-pages, which ended by gain full control over the system. Hackers spent hacking the most recent and stable versions of browsers and operating(…)