Dangerous flaw in the tool to verify McAfee products

According to notification by security for web-site McAfee, the utility McAfee Virtual Technician, designed for testing of various software products, was discovered a dangerous vulnerability. Vulnerability that allows attackers to potentially delete or create arbitrary files on the target system, said the researchers from High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab. With the description of the breach,(…)

Largest DDoS attack on Spamhaus causes global internet slowdown

DDoS attack power was 300 gigabits/second and affected millions of computers and servers worldwide. Smaphaus a nonprofit organization with offices in London and Geneva, has undergone a massive DDoS attack by unknown hackers. Executive director of Spamhaus Steve Linford (Steve Linford) described it as unprecedented in scale to date. DDoS attack power was 300 gigabits/second.(…)

McAfee: Retail POS-terminals – victims of the virus vSkimmer

New virus is similar to the previously known malware Dexter, but surpasses its predecessor in terms of functionality. McAfee has found in one of the underground Russian forums about selling a Trojan to steal data of credit card users at POS-terminals. Malicious program called vSkimmer which can work with the connected POS-terminals readers of bank(…)

Experts: Digital cameras are easily converted into spy devices

Modern digital cameras contain loopholes that allow capture information and to obtain full control over the device. As the researchers reported Mandy Daniel (Daniel Mende) Turbing and Pascal (Pascal Turbing), modern digital cameras that manufacturers equipped with Wi-Fi-network access, Internet connectivity or SD-card for uploading and sharing photos and videos right after shooting, also contain(…)

ESET has detected a new version of the Trojan Carberp

Trojan uses a legitimate Java-library to modify banking software. The company ESET identified a new modification of the Trojan Carberp, which uses legal software to steal funds. In addition, the virus is also able to bypass two-factor authentication using one-time passwords. Experts note that the basic regions, which are now the most common Carberp, are(…)

Error on Magento Connect Manager!

Got this error while installing modules from Magento Connect : Could not resolve host: magento-community; Host not found Yet another simple solution : instead of typing┬ámagento-community/<name_of_module> paste this in the extension key to install box then click on install. Works like a charm ­čÖé

Samsung Exynos processor 5 Octa comes to the stage of mass production

Shortly after the presentation of the latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S 4, as previously reported, based on single-chip system Exynos 5 Octa , Samsung Electronics has officially informed that this SoC, which includes a total of eight ARM-cores will come out on the stage of mass production in the coming quarter. Thus, the first mobile(…)