Windows 8 Update is changing course to 180 degrees

Microsoft is preparing a release of an updated version of Windows 8.1 with a change of the “key elements” of the operating system. This was said by the head of marketing and finance of Windows Tami Reller in an interview with Financial Times . She explained that refers to the “key aspects” of how to(…)

Hacked Google office building

Even established companies such as Google are not protected from tampering. Moreover, the trouble can come from where no one is waiting. For example, the Australian division of Google clearly complied with the rules of information security towards computer networks and broke them through the industrial management system of the building , which houses the(…)

Debian 7.0 Wheezy with multiarchitecture and installation in blind mode

After two more years of development, the Debian Project has finally issued the release its next major stable release of the popular operating system Debian 7.0 (code-named “Wheezy”). The new version has some interesting features, such as support multiarchitecture and special tools for deploying private clouds . Multiarchitecture means that users can be installed on(…)

Transformer Acer Aspire R7

Anyone who is tried of using a laptop with a touch-screen and the “eight” on board, familiar feeling of “breaking the pattern”. In addition to the usual touchpad and keyboard adds another touch screen – but what to do with the last is unclear. Why you need a touchpad, when there is a touch screen?(…)

Hacking Wii U console and accessing the file system

Wiikey hacker group said on its website the “complete hack” authentication system disks Wii U, disk encryption, file system, and everything else you need to run arbitrary applications in the embedded version of Linux. The group specializes in long-Wiikey consoles Wii. In particular, they produce and sell hacking mod chips for this console since 2007.(…)

Phenomenon “! 1” on

If you specify a non-existent URL in the domain, then loaded the standard plug with error 404 “Page Not Found”. Since two years, Google has changed the design of this page, so now it looks that way.   All of these two years in the page header are exclamation points and in the phrase(…)

Symantec: The number of attacks on small business has tripled

According to the results of 2012 the volume of hacker attacks against the theft of intellectual property, increased by 42%. This attack, typically aimed at small businesses, experts at Symantec said in its latest annual report 2013 Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 18 (ISTR 2013). “From the report ISTR 2013 it is clear that the(…)