Linux kernel has a bug that disables USB-devices

One of the developers of the Linux kernel Sarah Sharpe at Intel sprinkles ashes on his head : for the eight years of work on Linux USB stack are repeatedly confronted with a situation where USB-device is suddenly disconnected after leaving the standby mode activated auto-Suspend . All the while, the problem ascribed to Chinese(…)

ESET: Banking Trojan used government server in the attack

Experts of the international anti-virus company ESET found a banking trojan aimed at users in Brazil. A feature of this was the use of threats in the cyber vulnerability of the government’s mail server. To steal confidential data threats established a special extension for the browser Google Chrome . This extension allows an attacker to(…)

The Pirate Bay released a browser – PirateBrowser

On its 10th anniversary site The Pirate Bay gifted to themselves and all of its users: the PirateBrowser proprietary browser -based on Firefox Portable. “The browser can bypass censorship” which comes complete with a Tor client , and also includes some additional components for easy access to the website The Pirate Bay in the countries(…)

GNU MediaGoblin: free alternative to Flickr, YouTube and SoundCloud

The Free Software Foundation has not yet collected the necessary $ 60 million (only $ 45,800), but still has started the implementation of the project as promised, MediaGoblin – decentralized platform sharing of photos, video and audio, that is a free alternative to Flickr, YouTube and SoundCloud. Has released version 0.4. Talisman project – funny(…)

Chinese hackers broke into the water utility-bait

Install bait (Honeypot) and catch hackers “live bait” – a standard practice to gather information about the enemy and training counterattacking actions. Experts from the antivirus company Trend Micro launched the open access bait under the guise of communal SCADA-systems for managing water supplies. The bait worked – and the catch was unusually bold: a(…)

Tools used by the NSA

In documents Snowden mentioned the names of a number of secret NSA programs for tapping the traffic and so on. Objectives of some of these programs (both PRISM) are clear, while others remain unknown. In particular, the slides were the names NUCLEON, MARINA and MAINWAY. What it is, no one knows. But we can make a search in the public domain(…)

There was a suspect in the disclosure of information about the authors of Stuxnet

U.S. intelligence agencies continue to look for the culprit in the declassification of classified cyber operations to introduce the Stuxnet worm in Iran’s computer systems. Details about the operation “Olympic Games” were published in NY Times June 1, 2012 . The article describes how the meeting took place with President Obama, which report in detail on the implementation(…)