OpenStack Diablo to strengthen the power of the cloud

OpenStack , cloud operating system open source, went into the release of Diablo, the fourth version of the product. OpenStack Diablo allows users to automate and control the computer pools, storage and network resources, covering vast areas and numerous data centers, all with improved scalability, performance and networking capabilities.   Diablo adds new features in three key(…)

The use of tablets for remote access is becoming the norm

Ability to work remotely on the staff of the tablets and smart phones is a major priority for companies in the private and public sectors, according to a study conducted by National Computing Centre (NCC). Investigation of Benchmark of IT Spending and Strategy in 2011 (estimated cost of IT and Strategy 2011) found that 72% of companies(…)

Cisco demonstrates the importance of the Internet in everyday life

Cisco study showed that every third student and young professional thinks the Internet is as important as basic, necessary for human resources, such as air, water, food and shelter. Cisco report also revealed that more than half of respondents in the study can not live without the Internet and view it as “an integral part(…)

Three more charged with participation in Anonymous hacker campaigns

Federal prosecutors brought charges against three people in connection with the attacks on sites in the expanded campaign related to the hacker group Anonymous. Cody Kretsinger of Phoenix has been accused of involvement in hacking into the site Sony Pictures, which resulted in the leak of names, email addresses and passwords of thousands of users. He(…)

Microsoft asked FBI for help in tracking down network organizer of Rustock

Microsoft lawyers have won the final victory over holders of one of the world’s largest spam resources after they won their case, the company gained control of servers and IP-based network Rustock. The right of ownership over the equipment was transferred to Microsoft’s earlier this month after a federal judge in Washington state summarily ruled(…)

Creating botnets is getting cheaper and easier

Laboratory Specialists of G Data Security Labs discovered a clandestine sale of our networks of remotely controlled by hackers computers – so-called bots, which in the case of activation may cause massive wave of malicious code across the Internet. The so-called boat-designer Aldi Bot appeared in late August at a price of 10 euros. Part of(…)

New Trojan for Mac OS X is hidden inside PDF

Malicious programs to Mac OS X, simply can not compete with the Windows Malicious Software on the prevalence or diversity. But, apparently, malicious programs for OS X can learn from some of the most successful schemes, which are used to trick users Windows-viruses. Researchers presented a sample of the Trojan running in OS X, which disguises(…)