Should I trust the security of your free antivirus?

Today, every PC user knows that surfing the web without antivirus software installed – it is a serious disregard for safety. And it really stay on the internet without antivirus risk that your computer will be infected by numerous bodies of viruses, worms and other malicious software. Even if you use anti-virus free edition, which is(…)

Google stubbornly remained silent on the identified vulnerabilities on Android platform

Already a month has passed from the time when independent experts said the two obvious flaws in Android platform , but no information on when the errors will be eliminated. The first error gives developers the ability to set criminals on your device without permission from users.To confirm the vulnerability in practice research Dmitry Oberheyd introduced in the(…)

Protection of databases: starts with segmentation

When most IT-specialists are thinking about improving the safety of their databases, database activity monitoring, encryption, and patch management – the first thing that comes to mind in order to protect their sensitive information store from the attack. All this, of course, it is necessary to build a solid defense, but throwing in such projects without(…)

Blue Coat enhances security of Web applications, enabling policy management

The company Blue Coat Systems introduced its product update Web Security, designed to provide IT managers a better view and more detailed control over the use of web-based applications in their organizations. Web Application Policy Engine allows customers to set policies according to the type, category and function of the application. This, for example, can allow IT(…)

Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act) Compliance

The legal provisions –Sec 43A and Sec 72A Why Compliance? What is Sec:43A? Applicability of Sec:43A Who is liable? More on Information Technology IT ACT 2000 Cyber Laws Seminars to understand Sec 43A and Sec 72A and their compliance audits  can be arranged for on request and requirement. for inquiries email @ :  chaits | at |

700,000 sites hacked at once

700 000 sites connected to the network InMotion Hosting, attacked TiGER-M @ TE. It was not just hack the server was attacked by the entire center of data storage and processing. List of all 700 000 hacked sites is available here . The hacker copied my index.php in many directories (public_html, wp-admin), deleted the folders with pictures and added the(…)

Fastest Internet in South Korea

If you thought that your internet connection can be faster, try to compare it with the world’s total. The task set before him by researchers from the company Pando Networks, which specializes in working with computer games. They studied the speed of the Internet in the global competition. As the results of the study, the average worldwide is(…)

Experts offer protection from invasion of BEAST

Just hours before the attack, the researchers showed that decodes traffic confidential, protected by the ubiquitous SSL-protocol, cryptographers issued a simple way to protect against this attack. The recommendations, published on Friday, two-factor authentication service PhoneFactor, offering sites to use RC4-cipher to encrypt SSL-traffic instead of new ones, and, ironically, are considered more secure algorithms such as(…)

USA Today Twitter Hacked

Twitter-account daily American newspaper USA Today has been compromised by hackers, to the members of the group «The Script Kiddies». It is stated on the site CNET News . Sept. 25 edition of USA Today microblog be asked to “delete” page hacking group The Script Kiddies Facebook and vote for the next target for burglary. Judging by the content of your(…)

Trend Micro has detected APT-attack on thousands of computers in former USSR

Researchers at Trend Micro found another large-scale series of targeted attacks, which led to the breaking of almost 1500 computers in 61 countries. The attack, called “Lurid” is different from similar operations, such as Aurora and the Night Dragon, that the victims are mainly in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, as well as in other former(…)