Firefox 7.0 released

The Mozilla Project has officially introduced the release of web-browser Firefox 7.0, which is included in the long-awaited developments to reduce memory consumption. In the next few hours on the beta testing will go 8 and Firefox branch will be separated aurora-branch Firefox 9. Release of Firefox is expected to 8 at 6 weeks, in mid-November, and(…)

Facebook changes promote the growth of safety concerns

Planned changes to Facebook, along with increasing the interaction between users, can also flood the site spambots (such as those that live in Twitter) and increase the number of targeted attacks, said Bitdefender. The last few weeks have been hot for users of Facebook. After the upgrade, Privacy Controls and quiet include Smart Lists, a social(…)

Hacker attacks become one of the main threats to the business after two years

Hacker attacks, along with economic uncertainty and threats to brand reputation, will be one of the three main threats to the business after two years, experts have found “Kaspersky Lab”. Hacker attacks, along with economic uncertainty and threats to brand reputation, will be one of the three main threats to the business after two years,(…)

Ubuntu app store launches Ubuntu App Developer

Ubuntu opens Ubuntu App Developer. Website developed in strict adherence to the concept that sustainable business development and further implementation of Ubuntu should provide an opportunity to buy the application, and install free open source software. In this regard, was built on existing tools, such as Ubuntu Software Centre and My Apps, and offers a(…) site Hacked

“Hackers broke into the site free database management system (DBMS) with the open source MySQL and have done so in order to infect visitors’ computers, which used non-recent browsers and plug-ins” – say security researchers. “ was infected with a virus mwjs159 , which is often spread by infected machines connected to a private FTP-servers “- writes(…)

Google is celebrating its 13th anniversary

One of the largest Internet companies Google said on Tuesday its 13th anniversary, on this occasion, on the main page of search engine published doodle (Doodle). To doodle, prepared a birthday of the company, shown her name – Google, sitting” at the holiday table. When clicking on the Dudley resource redirects users to a page with(…)

Harvard University website hacked by Syrians

Home Site of Harvard University was now broken, as described in the “sophisticated” attack. There for a short time a message accusing the U.S. of supporting the revolt against the Syrian president. Image of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was accompanied by a message stating: “The Syrian army was here an electronic”. Defacement included a charge of supporting(…)

75 Indian websites hacked by Muslim Liberation Army

Hackers group of Muslim Liberation Army hacked today another 75 Indian sites, including government and university sites, and sites the police. Website Patiala Police was one of the targets of hackers. List of all compromised sites presented here . According to deface, take part in the breaking of these hackers: XtReMiSt, KillerMind Haxor, Jerry Hassan, Mindy and Faisy Ali Laghari.