Tizen: new Linux-platform for mobile devices

Linux Foundation and the organization of LiMo Foundation announced a project to develop a new Tizen software platform for mobile devices and consumer electronics. It is noted that in the process of creating another operating system on the Linux kernel will be considered accepted industry standards. The platform will be “cross-architecture”, which means support for devices(…)

Zenprise Apple iPad protects against information leakage

Zenprise company added to its platform MobileManager tools to prevent data leakage (DLP), to help companies block access to sensitive information, especially on new devices such as Apple iPad. Solution Zenprise Mobile DLP, which will be available in late October, includes a growing proliferation of devices such as tablets, which are more convenient to use(…)

Hackers have posted info Goldman Sachs CEO

Hackers publish personal information to chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein. Documents posted on the site Pastebin, includes CEO age, past addresses, information about court proceedings, in which he was involved, as well as registration information for the business, but does not contain confidential information such as financial data. A group calling itself(…)

Every day more than 70 thousand new malware

Every day the world’s cybercrime efforts of groups appears more than 70 000 new samples of malicious software. This was during a speech at an international conference IDC «Innovation technologies of governance: towards a future economy,” said Managing Director of “Kaspersky Lab “in emerging markets Garry Kondakov. antivirus company representative noted that the vector of hacking attacks gradually shifted to(…)

Criminals pretend to be friendly office printers

New ways to deceive people to open malicious applications and e-mail and infect computers with malware have been seen by researchers Symantec Hackers have invented a new method of cheating the people to open malicious applications: they send emails that supposedly came from the office printers, many of whom are now able to send scanned(…)

MitM attack on the Diebold voting terminal

Vulnerability assessment team from Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy managed to crack the touchscreen-terminal electronic voting machines Diebold Accuvote. Voting machines to be used by more than a quarter of American voters in the election in 2012, can be cracked with 10 dollars and 50 cents in his pocket and 8th grade education. “It’s(…)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security asked the public to share their ideas at the expense of the fight against botnets

Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Commerce called the comments “all members of the Internet” to create a “recommended the industry code to ensure that such activities as the definition of botnets, notifying users and the fight against botnets.” Individuals and organizations from the commercial, academic and civil sectors are invited to submit ideas on(…)

Symantec has detected a surge of polymorphic viruses

Security experts warn of the increasing number of polymorphic malware written specifically to bypass traditional antivirus programs. Symantec.cloud in its September report, September 2011 Symantec Intelligence Report revealed that 72% of all transported in the mail malware in a given month can be described as an aggressive form of polymorphic viruses. This type of threat(…)

McAfee has released a home security system All Access

McAfee has released the All Access, a platform which aims to protect home computers and mobile platforms. The company said that the package will offer both traditional methods of protecting your PC and Mac desktop and web control tools, filtering and protection against theft. Designed for home users and home offices, package All Access is(…)