Microsoft Security Essentials (finally) recognized in Google Chrome Trojan

Today in several reports suggesting that anti-virus Microsoft Security Essentials identified in Google Chrome Trojan steals passwords and deleted it. According to preliminary reports received antivirus browser to one of the options for Zeus (Zbot). In particular, the report says antivirus PWS: Win32/Zbot. It is also reported that both the Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection found in the(…)

Smartphone users prefer the convenience of security

In a survey of users of smartphones and tablets, most respondents acknowledged that not password protect their mobile devices even if they do not go out of important accounts and online applications, exposing their devices at risk of burglary, fraud and information theft, the company said Confident Technologies. The study also found an exciting trend(…)

Zone.rf topped 900 thousand registered domains

In the national domain zone.rf the night of Friday 900,000th registered domain – in order to overcome this limit, it took about a year after the start of open enrollment in November 2010. For comparison, in the area. Ru domain three-million came 16 years after the start of registration. Of the domains already registered more than(…)

iPhone 5 will support 21 Mbps HSPA + 3G

Deputy Director of China Unicom Venlyang Huang (Huang Wenliang) could inadvertently reveal plans for Apple’s big leap in the performance of 3G on the iPhone. Pointing to the development of the network over time for the Beijing event, Macworld Beijing, he pointed out that the iPhone 5 will use the data for the 21 Mbit /(…)

Lack of updating third party products is the cause of 99.8% of hacks

Failure to update third party applications was the main reason that Windows machines are infected with viruses. Drive-by attacks from Web sites controlled by hackers, carried out with the help of exploits that have replaced the spam messages with virus attachments, which are three to five years ago was the main way of spreading malware. According(…)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security released a tool for assessing network security

Cyber ??Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) – a product of the U.S. Ministry of National Security (DHS), designed to help organizations protect their core network assets. It was developed under the National Cybersecurity Division (NCSD) of network security experts, in collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This tool provides users with a systematic and repeatable(…)

Smartphone with versatile form factor

Modern manufacturers of mobile devices are thinking too narrow-minded, shamelessly copying from each other with fresh ideas and relying exclusively on marketing considerations. High technology has long ceased to be a place for free creativity. The problem is that the development and release of each new model is too expensive, and risk money no one wants. And(…)

Kingston Digital introduced the most secure USB-Stick

The company has announced a USB flash drive Kingston Digital DataTraveler 6000 (DT6000), which protects data with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validation and 100 percent encryption. DT6000 meets all the requirements for mobile data (data-at-rest) and is the most secure flash drive on the market, so that the necessary financial institutions and government agencies for(…)