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It’s no secret that the business software platform becomes ill, when hackers open “hunting season” on her vulnerability. Such is the success fee Apple: starts to appear upscale target software designed specifically for the platform Apple.

For several years, experts in information security predicted that as soon as Apple will occupy a substantial share of the market, cybercriminals to switch from Windows to Mac. What exactly happens today.

According to the Swedish company Pingdom, dealing with Web-based monitoring, operating system Mac OS X to Apple today takes more than 15% of the market in the U.S.. Coincidentally, in 2008 in its communication written for the IEEE Computer Society, Researchers at Cloudmark Adam O’Donnell is just assumed that when Apple’s share of the market will reach “Tipping point” somewhere in the 16%, the hackers send its impact on its system. This assumption is now beginning to come true.

A new stage of development

“Now we begin to notice specific to Mac malware ensuring that we have never seen before “- said Michael Sutton, Vice President of Research on Information Security, California Zscaler company in Sunnyvale.

Over the past few weeks have met examples such as MacDefender, false antivirus program, Clothed in the name of a legitimate application for system security, which falsely tries to entice the credit card numbers of Mac users. Such malicious software, such as false anti-virus software for Mac, appeared in the past, much more serious problem was the almost simultaneous appearance of the first self-made criminal software package designed specifically for the Mac. Called Weyland-Yutani (in honor of fictional corporation of the films “Aliens”), bootkit sold on underground forums with a hint of an early version of the output for the iPad.

Such packages hacking software commonly sold on the black market for the platform Windows. They are mainly used to create Trojans or penetration to affected systems for later attacks. Once a hacker gains control above the required number of machines – that number is usually measured in thousands – he can create a botnet, an army of “zombie” machines used to attack specific sites.

Some malware pretending to be anti-virus, works well in the spirit of modern fraud, providing even line telephone technical support with real people who respond to customer questions about counterfeit software. Sutton noted that it was a profitable business, because the creators of viruses and Malware can sell access to thousands of infected machines unregulated market with an unlimited number of participants. To lease such networks can be hacked to put together the owner millions of dollars.

Supply and demand

While Apple representatives for many years show that MAK in essence, more secure, most experts say hackers simply follow market trends.

For example, today we see viruses for smartphones, because tens of millions of these tiny but very powerful computers are widely used for around the world. Smartphones even more compelling because they are constantly connected to the Internet. By the time malware is detected, fraudsters have already earned as much as wanted, removing money from the cards, and moved on. In addition, because at the head of the computer industry is no longer is Microsoft Windows, “we are seeing more Web-based attacks platform-independent, “- said Sutton.

This means that fraudulent websites designed in such a way as to infect any computer that is unintentionally visiting the site – whether it is a computer with Windows or Mac OS X, working through any browser.

The popularity of the iPhone and the Apple iPad produced “halo effect” attracting attention as a platform for both buyers and criminals, so Mac owners need a way to monitor upgrading your browser to be attentive. However, most of the computer world, particularly corporate his part, relies on Microsoft Windows. “That’s why malware for Apple More “flowers” compared with what we observe in the field of personal computer “, – said Sutton. But maybe not for long.