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Microsoft Corp. today announced that next week will release a patch set for December of its software, which claimed 14 security bulletins, eliminating 20 different software vulnerabilities Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and Windows Media Player. Among the patches and fixes are for the most notorious problems such as holes, are used by the Trojan Duqu, fix the protocols SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0.

According to the data transmitted Corporation, three of the 14 ballots are marked as critical, which is the maximum level of risk on a 4-point scale, Microsoft, the other eleven – the “important”. Bugs that eliminate 10 hotfixes, enable remote attacks on vulnerable computers out there and perform various manipulations. Some of these corrections has been marked as “important.”

Microsoft says that some corrections related to the attacks on various technologies to protect users, particularly at the ASLR and DEP.