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According to a new study by Gartner, the market of operating systems was 30.4 billion in 2010, and it greatly increased the demand for Linux and Mac OS on server and client markets.

According to the report Market Share Analysis: Operating System Software Worldwide 2010, especially increased in popularity among customers of the operating system Mac OS. Using the operating system Apple has increased by 15.8%, which resulted in Income size of 520 million dollars in 2010, thanks to high levels Sales of personal computers and laptops with Mac.

Revenues from licenses for servers Red Hat Enterprise Linux has increased in 2010 by 18,6% to 592 million dollars, occupying 58.2% of all sales of the server market Linux.

According to analysts, a significant increase in the quantity purchased licensed products has shown that users have in Linux as a viable alternative to proprietary Unix and other operating systems that are suitable for use in very important ways.

It is not surprising that Microsoft maintained its monopoly – the market share the company amounted to 78.6% in 2010.

Windows client business grew by 9.2% compared with the server business Windows, which grew by 7.5%. Gartner suggested that this was due to Wave update your PC after the economic downturn.

Windows 7 has also received recognition as a receiver Vista and XP. Gartner predicted that XP goes off the market in early 2014, thereby increasing the popularity of Windows 7.

Meanwhile, IBM has consolidated its position as the second largest world provider of operating systems with a share of 7.5%. IBM owns three operating systems, of which more than any other has grown in popularity AIX – 9.2%.

HP ranked third with 3.7% growth, but the amount of revenue from Unix and other closed operating systems will continue to decline due to the suspension and Tru64 reduce the supply of other systems – such as NonStop, and OpenVMS, added Gartner.

Oracle has succeeded a little bit more – the popularity of Unbreakable Linux company increased almost 200% in 2010.

“Basically, the client operating system exceeded the server operating systems and their sales rose 9.3% in 2010, while sales server operating systems grew by 5.7% “, – said Matthew Cheung, senior Research analyst Gartner. “Pent-up demand to upgrade the PC was formed after how the economy out of the state of economic recession, which led to increased sales of client operating systems. ”