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What should I do with the series laptop to instantly increase by several times its market price and thus leave unchanged electronic stuffing?

The answer seems obvious – you just clothe machine in a brilliant body of this 24-karat gold, put on the surface of the spectacular ornate design and decorate the top cover of the bulk of sparkling diamonds! It is for this well-trodden path and went to specialists Computer Choppers, which created another a masterpiece of jewelry in the shape of the gold notebook MacBook Pro, Apple topped the rating emblem of precious crystals. It should be noted that the pattern on your mobile PC, the client may choose at his discretion. No doubt, this exclusive is primarily aimed at aficionados of “apple” creations, which is absolutely no shortage of money.Although the price of the product does not yet announced, it’s safe to say that a mere mortal as fashionable toy is too expensive.