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Remember the joke about downloading “the whole internet”, common in the early days of the World Wide Web? Laugh laugh, but some Twitter users have had the opportunity to do this trick, though, of course, only to archive their messages in this popular microblogging site. As reported by the network media, optionally download all tweets sent from the moment of registration, one file can be found by individual owners Twitter-accounts in the settings for the Web client.

This function, about which has previously hinted by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo (Dick Costolo), appears on the web page of the settings under the heading Your Twitter Archive and allows, as I said, to request the file with your information from the first tweet. The link will be sent to you by email when the corresponding ZIP-file is ready for download, and archive itself generated in HTML.

Open this file, you can immerse yourself in the memories of all the events that have found a place in Twitter, and marvel at what clever ideas have surfaced in your head unspecified time ago. In this case, in a statement to The Next Web Twitter Administration confirmed that the function of downloading the entire message archive is still in the testing phase and is now available only to a small percentage of users of the service.