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Software giant translated online-payments in Ireland and Luxembourg, where the tax rate is much lower.

Microsoft did not pay taxes to the British Government from its online-sales of its new operating system Windows 8 and other developments, which is £ 1,7 billion (about $ 2.7 billion).

In order to evade the software giant takes payments from British subjects, through subsidiaries in Ireland and Luxembourg, where taxes are much lower.

Microsoft officials deny this, claiming that they do pay taxes for the work being conducted in the UK and in other countries where it has offices. “We regularly audited major tax authorities that confirm that we are doing all rules and regulations”, – said representatives of the corporation.

It is worth noting that the government of U.S. this year also were critical of Microsoft. Investigation of the House of Representatives showed that Windows developer recently held a series of transactions with its subsidiaries in Singapore, Ireland and Puerto Rico, which enabled it to save on taxes of $ 6.5 billion.